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3 Questions That Create Misery + 3 Solutions


A few years ago my spiritual teacher presented these questions to us during an early morning meditation. I remember the clarity and hope that the subsequent solutions offered. Today, as life offers more opportunity and a huge field of possibility, I see even more the relevance of these teachings.

Our shadow sides, moments of doubt, turmoil, or grief offer motivation to move forward. In the moment, having a technique to help us is a saving grace. From that new point of understanding the cosmos offers more of the same; in other words, the better it gets, the better it gets.

Without further ado here the questions and solutions – use them often.

1.  What about me?

The solution is the mantra, “I am I am”.

You are not what you take yourself to be. Find out what you are. Hold on to ‘I am’ tenaciously and in the stillness of your mind see yourself as you truly are – unbound. Everything after “I am” creates. Follow along with this meditation video for a real life experience:

2. Am I in control?

The solution is that the Universe is within you. Everything that you need and want and hope for is within you already. Look within and find your essence. Control your own mind, not other people.

3. Am I secure?

The solution – GOD is your security. GOD is an acronym for the Generating Organizing Delivering mechanism in the Universe. When you remember GOD you remember the totality from which we come, to which we are connected and how we connect to each other.

What are your thoughts on these questions? What are you doing to move past your limitations and make a difference in the world? Let me know and I will feature you in my next blog post.

Contributor: Salimah Kassim-Lakha

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