Wellness — May 4, 2020 at 4:00 pm

You Showing Up for You Is Paramount Right Now


Life has thrown us a curve ball, and you have a choice. During these unprecedented times, you get to choose how this is going to go down for you or live in fear like the majority of the world. If you are reading this, chances are you are in real estate, and that means you provide an essential service. Your clients need you. Your family needs you. You need you. More than ever you are needed right now, so take this opportunity to show up and lead – for your clients, for your family and for you.

It would be very easy to hide, fall into our addictions and pull the covers over our head, but a leader cannot afford to do this. A leader does not have to worry about how they will lead, but they do have to be conscious of the fundamentals that impact their daily existence, the basics. The basics are what we consider mundane and obvious, yet they are the first to slip out the window when the pace picks up, pressure is applied, or fear begins to lurk. Really, these basics are going to save you right now and set you apart from the average North American who is stuck in fear mode. The basics will empower you with courage, clarity and creativity.

So… what are the basics? Hold on – they are so simple you may miss them. What are you putting in your body? What are you watching? When are you resting, and sleeping? What are you doing to keep your serotonin levels up, up, up? Are you hydrating?

It’s easy to get lazy about what you are consuming and go for the sugar and processed foods or that extra glass of wine. It is also very easy to overdose on the media, and nothing good will come of that. You know the scoop; you are familiar with the drill at this point – checking in every couple of days with a reliable news source is ample. Worse, to pair that behavior with an all-night Netflix marathon is dangerous and can leave you feeling unstable and moody in the morning. Recognize how this puts you on edge and then programs your brain with negativity.

We are sensitive souls at the best of times. Sure, we are tough, and we keep getting out of bed, brushing our teeth and soldiering on. But that does not mean we are bringing out the best in ourselves, nor are we making it easy.

If you want to be strong, start strong. Eat foods that are living and low in sugar, simple foods with fewer ingredients. You have the time to prepare your meals right now. Utilize this time to cook from scratch and eat whole foods. Drink lots of water. Do those push-ups you never had time for; go for that walk. Choose films and media that are positive and uplifting, if at all. Read that book you didn’t have time for last year. I dare you to set aside 20 minutes a day to read something of value. Watch how you devour the books and feel more intelligent. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, and you will feel less anxious and more energized. Set aside two hours a day to be in touch with your center of influence, organize your database and catch up on your marketing. Then, go and be with your family. Yes, remember those people? The ones you always wish you had more time with?

Now is your chance. Set a schedule the night before and adhere to these important tasks. Create habits you may not have had the luxury of time to establish had this curve ball not been thrown. Maybe it is a gift to us all, one we would have never gifted to ourselves, to have this time.

Lead by looking after yourself. This is validating and will allow you to show up with confidence. Lead by reaching out to your clientele and letting them know you are there for them as one human to another. Inevitably they will ask how you are; and with total positivity, like a leader, remind them that you adapt to change well and are prepared and ready to be there for them if and when they need you. Be there for your family by being present and in the moment. Put down the cell phone and go ‘old school’ with board games and conversations in real time. No rushing required; no agenda other than showing up for them.

Like any other shift in the economy or the market or life, this shift will re-calibrate. And those people who have the basics dialed in will be more than alright, because they will be the best version of themselves – and with that version comes clarity, purpose and focus. And with that mindset comes opportunity, ideas and creativity. You will only win with such expansiveness. And remember, you get to choose. Be a leader, keep it simple and focus on how you want this all to go down. The universe will align accordingly.

Contributor: Erica Nasby 

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