Wellness — September 23, 2015 at 10:42 am

What’s Your Prescription for Yourself?


SmilingYou continually look outside of yourself to find remedies for what ails you yet who knows you better than anyone? You do, of course. That knowledge gives you big time power! Take advantage of this power and seek counsel from the most important person in your life; YOU!

You are responsible for you, no one else, and as scary or intimidating as that may sound, it is the best news yet. If I take responsibility for me, I have an opportunity to be, do or have anything I want. This opportunity includes perfect health.

On occasion, one of my children runs to me in tears with a bloody knee or other injury. After consoling, I use that time as an opportunity to guide them back to themselves.  “Let’s watch this little knee; it will do something amazing over the next few days. It’s so smart!” I go on to tell them that it will stop bleeding, it will form a barrier and then it will heal itself every day.

We all have built-in doctors. We also have built-in pharmacies, psychologists and surgeons. As children, most of us were told that something or someone else would make it better. Sadly, I believe that is why today we still look outside of ourselves for healing.

The power of the white coat can be very useful, but also damaging. Just as there are incredible real estate agents, there are many who are not. Doctors are the same; we can’t expect them to know everything. You know what you eat, you know how your environment makes you feel, you know what you avoid or dislike about your life. It is not fair to put that responsibility on anyone, especially not on a doctor who just met you and who is trying to diagnose you without these details.

So, what’s the answer? Get quiet, ask yourself effective questions and listen to the message your body has for you. Look at the major areas in your life: your environment, your relationships, your finances, your spiritual life, your health (mental and physical) and determine what is not working. Ask about every area individually. If you listen carefully your intuition has the answer and that answer is your prescription.

Your prescription is what will be responsible for shifting you. You can go to all the doctors in the world, but only your inner doctor can provide the guidance that will permanently heal what needs to be healed. How scary and exciting is that? Now, let me be clear: seek professional advice, but do so in conjunction with your most powerful insight; your intuition.

Contributor: Erica Nasby

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