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We Create Our Stories


Unsplash.com - JumpOur mental, emotional and physical environment dictates our physical health. If we live in a pleasant environment we’re more likely to have healthy, pleasant cells. If we live in an unpleasant environment we will experience unhealthy cells and our body reacts accordingly. Our job, therefore, is to create an environment of balance, love and purpose.

At times our environment seems beyond our control (well, that is the story we tell ourselves, anyway). “Life is hard”, or “I’m in an impossible situation but I’m forced to endure it,” or “The people around me are the problem,” – the list of negative stories is long.

What is your story? We all have one around every aspect of our life. How do you frame your current life story? How do you speak to others about it? How do you speak to yourself (out loud and in your head)? If you have a story that equals impossible, then I suggest you switch it up and make a choice about the kind of story in which you would like to live. To do this you must turn off the idea of what is appearing real to you in the moment – your current situation – and instead focus on what you want your story to be. Making the choice around what you want is the first step in the right direction.

Next, you must eliminate the old story; switch it out for aspects of the new one. I am not asking you to run around telling white lies, but I am asking you to be positive around areas that do exist and are real to you. Visualize and affirm what it is you do want. We are good at reiterating what we do not want, but this only gets us more of the same. Dare to be different, ask for a shift in your current situation by giving up the old records. Playing the negative stories always has a payoff – something you get out of telling yourself and those who will listen. Is the pay off worth you remaining stuck in a situation that is unhealthy for you physically, mentally and emotionally?

You are the architect of your life – you can rebuild, tear down or redesign at any given moment. If you are in a situation that is not ideal, you are in “dis-ease”. Choose ease instead; it creates happy cells. You are worthy of happiness, love and clear purpose. If you do not have it yet start telling yourself you do – fake it until you make it! It takes years to create discord and less time to create harmony. What do you want? Do not worry about how to get it. Be open to receiving that which you want.

This is your job. Isn’t it wonderful that this is all within your realm of possibility?

Contributor: Erica Nasby

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