Wellness — August 25, 2021 at 12:15 pm

The True Power Within


Everything you own, you once said “yes” to, whether you like it now or not. Stop and look around. What do you see? Whatever it is, it was once just a thought – an idea in someone’s mind. Your shoes, that lamp, or your outfit were all designed through a combination of ideas, thought out to create that exact product.

Some would argue this is also true of everything that makes up who we are and our daily experience. For something to remain in your experience, whether it be that toaster that doesn’t work on your counter, or your dearest friend, choices are made every day about what we can live with and what we can’t live without.

Understanding this is knowing that true power resides within us. It’s our ability to choose, our ability to direct our experience and create a future that better serves us. If you just focused on one thing, just one thing to improve upon, acquire or attract, what would it be? What would lighten you, make you feel safe, alive, or exude joy from your very soul?

Thinking about what you want is the birthplace of all manifestation. It starts with the realization that something is missing or not working for you anymore whatever the reason. You identify what you don’t like, decide what you do want, then focus on it. You examine and imagine all the ways it would improve your life and build it up to the point where you love the idea, and you act.

The idea of having it, starts to change how you feel. The idea of getting say, a new toaster is simple. You add it to your shopping list and look for it next time you’re out or online. You don’t ask yourself how to get to the store or computer to order it, if you should spend the money on it, or even whether you really deserve it. Yet when it comes to our big dreams this is what we do.

When you fall in love with something, there is a pulling power to it. The resources or help either find their way to you or you to them. This is because your focus is on feeling good about what you want to the exclusion of all else. Asking effective questions helps direct you on the road to your destination, however, doubt has no place in the creation of what you want. Doubt is negative. It interferes with, and limits, your potentiality and creativity to manifest the very thing you want. The only point of interference between you and getting what you want, is typically you.

Doubt has two sides; one that questions value or worth and another that questions the outcome and what it will look like. It’s too easy to mentally handcuff yourself, putting on the brakes before you even hit the gas pedal, but remember, nothing was ever created by someone telling themselves they couldn’t do it, or asking how it would ever work out.

Try just one thing, asking for and falling in love with the idea of that one thing, and thinking about it to the exclusion of all else.  See yourself achieving or acquiring it, and sense how good it feels – believing you already have it. Now go out and get it.

By Joyce Paron, President, Canada

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