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Spring into Wellness!


Spring into Wellness!We tend to make our health-related resolutions at New Year’s, but spring is a time for a brand new beginning. If your health and fitness resolutions have melted right along with the winter snow, think fresh and start over with enjoyable outdoor activities fueled by plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.

This is the best time of year; the weather is spectacular, with clear, sunny days that aren’t too hot. If you’re like most people, this weather does something to bring out the best in you.

You can use spring for great personal benefit, especially if you’re trying to get healthy. People feel a real sense of passion and excitement about losing weight and getting healthy around New Year’s, but by the time spring has sprung, that New Year’s resolution has quickly faded away. Spring provides a chance to get back into your commitment to personal and professional excellence! Here is a sampling of ideas which you can immediately put into place as you spring into wellness!

Get Moving: When would now be the right time to get off the couch and get outside? It’s time to put a new bounce in that step of yours! Remember, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. An object at rest tends to stay at rest. Move!

Why Medicate When You Can Meditate? With the beautiful weather outside, find a nice relaxing place to sit down and close your eyes. Meditation’s benefits are endless including helping to lower blood pressure, decreasing inflammation and clearing space in your mind for the influx of new, empowering ideas. Take time out to smell the roses…literally!

Join a Team: Organized recreational activities can help you break out of your sedentary mindset. Teamwork makes the dream work so find a group of individuals who recognize that together, we can accomplish so much more than we can on our own. They can also inspire you toward your wellness goals when you sometimes feel uninspired to do anything. People will usually let themselves down before they will let their teammates down!

Pack a Healthy Snack: The fruits and vegetables that fill our local supermarkets in the spring present a rainbow of sizes, shapes, textures and colors that is unparalleled. Instead of the sugar-laden candy bar or the bag of chips, try packing a perfectly ripe fruit or a bag of colorful veggies. Mother Nature has always provided the best bang for the buck when it comes to snacking. For the price, you cannot beat an organic honeycrisp apple, a perfectly ripe avocado or a bag of raw veggies bursting with color and flavor. Simplicity is power and when it comes to snacking, keep it simple.  Your brain will say “thank you” with a sustained level of physical and emotional energy that will last for hours on end!

When would now be the right time to spring into wellness?

Contributor: Dr. Gregg Baron

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