Wellness — March 25, 2015 at 8:30 am

Spring into Business!


Spring into BusinessSpring is a time to review, renew and revive as we get our business in shape for the rest of the year. Our on-site wellness workshops (offered via DREAM Wellness in New York) typically encourage employees to shape up but who is ensuring that our organizations’ wellness programs are in tip top shape? Will the wellness program of your organization be able to handle the high heat of the coming year? As we dream of the beautiful weather to come, let’s look at the key factors so we can review, renew and revive our own organization!

REVIEW: An evaluation to determine whether something you are engaged in is currently working. You have biological metrics which measure the success or failure of your current personal wellness program. These include blood pressure, pH, body fat percentage and blood work. By analyzing the metrics of your organizational wellness program, you can tell whether the activities you are engaged in produce DPB (Dollar Productive Behavior). Track your statistics so you can determine whether you are engaging in busyness or business! Remember, the numbers never lie; if you want to improve something, you must measure it!

RENEW: To make something new, fresh or strong again. Spring has always been a time for growth and renewal. Take a hard look at your current marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns. Commit to breathing new life into them, ensuring that your dollars being spent are making “cents”!

REVIVE: To regain life, consciousness or strength. Look at a sprouting seed in the spring. The desirable nutritional changes that occur during sprouting are mainly due to the breakdown of complex compounds into a more simple form. Simplicity is power! Take a look at areas within your organization where you can trade in complexity for simplicity. Pay attention to the Laws of Mother Nature and reap the rewards of a timeless prescription for success.

Remember, physically getting in shape does not happen overnight. It takes constant and never ending personal improvement to keep that waistline in check. An effective organizational wellness program works the exact same way. Review, renew and revive them regularly and watch what happens, not only to your waistline but to your bottom line too!

Contributor: Dr. Gregg Baron

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