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Say Yes to You


Unsplash.com - StargazingKnowing our priorities in life on a personal level and having integrity towards what is important to us is “make or break”. When we know what we want and we honor it, we have freedom; freedom from pain and lack.

We start out every Monday morning with expectations reminiscent of January 1st, however, the reality is that by the end of our day, we’re usually at December 31st again. What you promised yourself that you would do, or take care of has been denied. What you intended to do was overlooked or sabotaged.

How do you say yes to yourself?

First you must know what your priorities are. A priority is something that is more important than another. What is most important to you? Not to anyone else, or anything else, but to you? Why is it when we are faced with divorce papers, or critical illness clearly then we can define our priorities? Choose priorities wisely, before the unraveling takes place. Take a minute right now; review the priorities in your life including your health (body, mental state, and your feelings), your career (including prospecting and follow up), your relationships (time, quality, validation), yourself, your spouse, your children, and the world. These are a few examples of priorities that if surrounded by integrity and acted upon with the required focus you would create freedom for yourself. You would be free to live in peace, make more money and enjoy your world a little more.

When someone asks you to do something, ask yourself quickly, “Will this give me joy?” If not, politely thank them for thinking of you and let them know you appreciate them asking and by all means to ask again, only this time it is not possible. Make space for you to address your own needs. When you keep yourself tied up with others’ demands; you can avoid your own success. You perpetuate the hamster wheel of your life being too busy or not having enough time. Be aware that there is a payoff for sticking with your old habits of which you may not be aware. This payoff is not always positive. Your old habits are keeping you stuck and on some level you are really okay with that.

Say yes to you. It is very simple. Know what you want, honor it and live freely. This is good for your overall health and well-being. As we head into the holiday season we have ample opportunities to give this a test run. Be conscious and make choices!

Contributor: Erica Nasby

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