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Prompter!™: 3 Minutes to a Better Life


PrompterLet’s say you’re driving to work and the roadway you’re taking is blocked with debris.  You’ve been driving that same roadway for as long as you can remember so it has become second nature to you.  But what if there was a way to build a new roadway; a clear, well-constructed path to your destination in as little as three minutes a day.  Now there is.

We are the thoughts we think and those thoughts are the roadways which lead to our beliefs and actions.  When those roadways become blocked with the debris of limiting beliefs formed in childhood and through negative outside influences, our lives can become very narrow and our potential for greatness, stymied.  Through the ritualized reconstruction of our thoughts we can create new roadways to greatness.   To assist in this process, Steve Morris, visionary, author and entrepreneur, today announced the unveiling of Prompter!™, an easy-to-use mechanism to ritualize this process using the power of the Affirmation Principle.

Through Prompter!, anyone can register to receive a list of 12 affirmations which they will hand-write (not type) daily for 21 days in the privacy of their home.  It is well-understood that successful people are ritualistic by nature and it is suggested that these affirmations be completed, perhaps, with their morning coffee. It takes 21 days to form a new habit and accountability is built in because participants then take a photo of their written list with their mobile device and email it back to Prompter! then throw it away, keeping the master list to repeat the process the next day, and every day, for 21 days.  When the first course of 21 days is complete, Prompter! will send a list of 12 new affirmations and the process continues.

The affirmations sent by Prompter! are simple, positive statements written in first person and in the present tense, such as “I am a do-it-now person”, or “I am well-organized in everything I do”.  The act of first reading the affirmation, then writing it down helps to form new thought roadways where littered ones existed before.  Participants may not believe the statements to be true but the magic occurs when the work is done regardless of the participant’s current limiting beliefs.  There is no requirement to visualize or meditate and the process of writing out the affirmations takes approximately three minutes.

Prompter! creator, Steve Morris, has spent his adult life studying the power of affirmations and attributes his success as an award-winning businessman and loving father of seven children to his ritualized and dedicated  adherence to these principles.  He has taught self-worth reinforcement through the use of affirmations to business leaders across North America and now Prompter! is a mechanism  through which people from all walks of life and all ages may benefit in an easy and fun way.

“Every person’s potentiality is predicated on their sense of self-worth and typically the Affirmation Principle is the one true way to reinforce this,” said Morris. “People may eat right and exercise but when was the last time they reinforced who they are as human beings at their core?  Who they believe themselves to be forms their beliefs and those beliefs manifest in action.  Every action begins with a thought and we owe it to ourselves to pay close attention and nurture the thoughts we’re thinking in order to achieve our full potential.”

Anyone can participate and Prompter! is completely free of charge.   The system does not contact participants for any reason other than to communicate regarding the use of the system and participants’ information is kept private.  Find out more and sign up at www.prompter.ca.

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