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New Year, New You!


New Year New YouIn the Way of the Peaceful Warrior, author Dan Millman writes, “In order to help people, you first need to understand them. But you can’t understand someone else until you understand yourself. So know yourself and prepare yourself. Develop the clarity, the courage and the sensitivity to exert the right leverage in the right place at the right time. Then act.”

Over this past year, we weathered natural catastrophes and plane crashes, gunmen taking out police officers and schoolchildren, the fear of widespread infections, harsh conflict amongst our most trusted politicians and a host of other serious problems. How can we do our part to ensure that 2015 charts a new and improved course, both individually and collectively?

The late famed author, Stephen Covey, tells us to “begin with the end in mind,” so the first order of business is to select your primary objectives. The study of teleology and heat sinking propulsion systems reminds us that you can’t hit a target unless you aim at it. You must establish both personal and professional goals. I find that most people do not set goals because they are afraid to fail. It is time to erase that fear.

Next, you must have a sense of purpose, or your pursuit of the desired result will fall short. With a big enough why, you will comply. You need sufficient leverage to withstand being outside of your comfort zone, because, like it or not, growth is usually uncomfortable. If you have a solid reason to handle discomfort, then you can develop the momentum you need to push right through it.

Then be prepared to take action which will determine your rate of motion. Force equals mass times acceleration. You must accelerate to generate the intensity you’ll need to succeed. And when your purpose is clear, your decision-making becomes black and white. You’ll know when to hit the gas and when to apply the brake.

Finally, you apply a timeless formula for achievement. You commit to go until you arrive at your chosen destination!

Beware of the many “bright shiny objects” along the way; it takes concentration to avoid them. The more your energy is diverted away from your chosen goals, the more friction you’ll feel hindering your forward thrust. Remember, it takes an enormous amount of energy to lift the space shuttle off the pod. Once the shuttle hits orbit however, it releases its thrusters and becomes self-perpetual through its own momentum. The same will happen with you. If you train yourself, the pathway will clarify. You’ll actually feel pulled toward optimal performance.

Once the outcomes are set, presence, discipline, and attention to detail are required to realize them. Get out of your own way and show up huge with habits and behaviors that support the process. To the moon and back, success will be yours!

Contributor: Dr. Gregg Baron

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