Wellness — July 20, 2022 at 8:30 am

Look Back, Move Forward


It’s time to get real about what’s working, what’s not, and using the valuable data from the past which has so much to offer you today and beyond. Self-reflection is a very practical, personal inventory that will result in consciousness and growth. It’s powerful and progressive to make space to reflect in this capacity, allowing for corrections and tweaks. It’s a strategy I encourage brokers and agents do weekly even. Now is the perfect time to take a moment and really ponder these questions and enjoy the process:

What can you celebrate accomplishing so far? We don’t do this enough. We’re our harshest critic. I challenge you to love on yourself and have gratitude for your own process.

What have been your greatest lessons? It makes sense that we maintain what brought us success in the first place. Often people reach a higher level of production, and they neglect to continue what brought that success in the first place.

What have you created for yourself and others? We’re all manifesting 24/7, with how we feel, think and speak. Who or what can you let go that no longer serves your highest good? We all need boundaries. Giving up the drama or pain that keeps us unconscious and running a lax mentality is wonderful to get honest about.

What would you do differently? This is an important step to let go of emotions holding us captive and start fresh with experience and knowhow.

What tools have really worked for you? Break down all the tools you use, from electronic or paper planners to prospecting to the Resource Center – list everything you utilized in your business.

What changes have you made? Acknowledge the change and reflect on how it impacted your process.

How are you sustaining those changes? If you went out on a limb to make a change, how can you continue expanding on that change and take it to the next level?

What do you need to work on? We are all works in progress; be really truthful with yourself. Look outside of your box.

What limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck? We all have them. Write yours down about the major areas in your life and see where you most need to grow.

How did you speak on a regular basis about your own life? This is probably the most important question to check in on. You will realize why you ended up where you are. Words have power!

Who do you want to be six months or even one year from now? In December, where do you see yourself? What’s the end of the movie? You have to picture this to get there, and if you can add the emotion you’ll feel by arriving there and you’ll make magic happen!

Written by Erica Nasby

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