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Keeping Your Mind Top of Mind: Part 1 of a Series on a Life Well Lived


By Samantha Morris, VP Digital Marketing

The best life definition is always evolving and changes over time. It’s also dependent on your needs and what’s going on in your world and environment. We’re never a complete painting, so we must be flexible and adaptable, continually checking in with self on a regular basis to feel as fulfilled as possible.

You can’t really compare one person to the next. From an outsider’s perspective, it appears that someone like me has all the boxes checked. The fact of the matter is that even though I’m very ingrained in the fitness world which helps to offset my day-to-day stress levels, there’s still much that I need to work on, like balancing it all.

It’s very easy for people, especially driven individuals such as myself, to get caught up in a busy routine that isn’t giving back. Part of this journey is also about making the time; scheduling time for yourself like you would for all your other responsibilities. It’s about prioritizing yourself. And just like the analogy in airplane safety procedures where you put on the oxygen mask before putting it on someone else, if you’re not well you’re not your best self for everybody else.

Everyone’s needs are so different, as is that which makes us feel good about what we’re doing. Checking in with self allows for each of us to figure out what gets us going. Unplugging from it all and taking a second to pause in the outside world is the best way to do this, because we’re all influenced. Even the most strong-willed person is influenced by what they see, and whether that’s positive or negative is particular to each person. So, stop looking outward and look inside.

Life is all consuming for everyone in their own way, and it’s easy to lose ourselves. I also think it’s easier to accept that than to conquer and overcome or assert one’s self into creating change. Sometimes self-reflection means that you won’t make other people happy and there’s fear based around that. With us living in an instant gratification world we’ve lost the journey. It’s become about getting the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, but is that really fulfilling or is that simply filling the void? Is that truly what’s going to satisfy you in life?

When people are ready to start this type of conversation, to ask those questions, drop the idea of perfection and look at what really means something to them in their life, that’s where it all starts. Everything else will follow. We don’t really need to see the path; just focus on where we’re going. It’s no different than driving. You don’t look at the road right in front of you, you look ahead and you know the car will follow accordingly.

Trust in the process is so hard, as is accepting mistakes. I used to beat myself up over that when I made an error in the fitness classes I lead. I’ve since learned that people appreciate those mistakes, and I allow for that now because it’s about being human, not a machine. Imperfection is equally as important to deliver, because being able to say sorry allows for empathy, forgiveness, understanding, and comfort in others. There’s something too impersonal about perfection, you can’t relate to it because it’s not who we are. We’re not made to be perfect.

We often struggle with how we define perfection and its false sense of security. Whether it’s our appearance, performance, expression, or being, looking at one’s self is never easy. Neither is life, but usually the best things in life are those that don’t just fall into our laps.

I go back to the concept of enjoying the journey. At some point, we all recognize that certain things require our attention. We start thinking of mortality, well-being, and quality of life. If there’s a choice, I firmly believe mental health is fundamental in anyone’s life and should be at the very top of the list. Good mental health can define our lives. We owe it to ourselves to figure out what we really want and need in order to feel our best and we need to know that we’re worthy.

When we start to pay attention to self, it’s amazing the ripple effect it has on others, and how inspiring it is. Down to a vibrational level, we don’t even have to speak; we all send out signals and energy. Just like we can all “feel” when something’s off, we can feel that some people vibrate on such a higher level, in such a positive light that you feel better simply by being around them and you don’t know why. We can all do this; send out a positive vibration much like what one could call a prayer, an affirmation, or a positive thought. When we start looking at ourselves, and believing in ourselves, we can have such a positive impact in the world. Just taking the time to do that in itself sends an amazing signal to the people around us.

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