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Intellectual Wellness


Brain fog…a lot of people get it, but why and what exactly is it? Pregnant women often affectionately refer to it as “mom brain,” others describe it as a feeling of disorganization and being unable to focus, and then there are those who experience it as a numbness like they’re simply going through the motions on default mode. The culprits for it abound but no matter what the reason is, you need to examine the concept in order to clear the haze in your mind.

Intellectual wellness is about growing mindfully, not just cracking a book to learn something. Of course, there’s great value in expanding your understanding in terms of formal education, but this is more about remaining comfortable and confident with the knowledge you already possess, while still cultivating your natural curiosity or passion for life. Here are some great ways to help you maintain a healthy, flexible, and open mind.

Express Yourself For a fun challenge, try doing things in a different way or switching up routines. For instance, if you happen to play music, consider learning a new song in a completely different genre than you’re used to, or working on a Mac computer if you’re used to a PC.  Change doesn’t have to be drastic. Something as simple as driving into work using a different route than usual can keep your brain stimulated. Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave and ready for a change, even learning a new hobby skill or language changes the chemistry in your brain and helps you to learn faster over time. There are also age-old brain games like crossword puzzles and sodoku or even apps like Lumosity to help with cognitive response.

Broaden Your Horizons – Explore a new town, city, park, museum, or any place that piques your interest.  It’s a great way to have meaningful experiences and to stay engaged in the present moment. Broadening your life experience is also an excellent way to make new connections with others and when possible, a way to share experiences with others.

Get Adequate Sleep – Only you know how much sleep is right for you, and to be honest, it’s difficult enough to get everything you want done in a day, never mind trying to do it all when you’re tired or overtired.  Studies show that our bodies need appropriate rest in order for most parts of the body to function optimally including your brain. Sleep well and set yourself up for success!

Reframe Your Mantra – Thoughts and words matter. What do you think and say to yourself about personal growth? Is it something that excites you or something that seems out of reach? Consider this: if you don’t feel like you have succeeded, you are simply not done yet. Reframe your mind, your mantra, and your choices – the best plan of action is the one you’ll execute!

Written by Maegan Carrasquillo, Staff Writer

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