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Hot Hot Choices


For busy professionals with children, everything is about to shift and I suggest we consciously shift as opposed to unconsciously slide. It all kicked off with income tax season (yes, I said that dirty word), then before we knew it we were rolling in to graduations, end of semester picnics, exams and dance recitals – life! Summer is upon us yet again, and before we know it we realize that we are slipping in our business. How do we stop the madness and regain control? We make simple summer choices.

What is a ‘simple summer choice’?  You may think, “My kids are home for the summer, our schedules are changing, and I want to be in on the action with them while I continue to plant seeds for the fall market so I can reap the rewards next Holiday Season.”   One way to make sure this happens is to simply and consciously make the choice that you can have your cake and eat it too!

Simple Summer Choices:

  • Change your start time and commit to the same changed start time every morning. (Move from the early start to the later start to spend more time with your children in the morning, simply because you can.)
  •  Go into the office as opposed to working from home. (When you are with your family, you are with your family; when you are working, you are working.)
  •  Change your days off. (Sales professionals who deliberately schedule days off make more money than those who use procrastination time as days off. Taking time off is productive.)
  •  Prospect consistently for 2 hours a day four days a week. (You feel incredible because have completed an action that builds your business, so when you are home you feel empowered and not guilty.)
  •  Follow up every day for an hour with leads and clients. (You are on top of your business and not buried.)

Shifting your mindset to consciously make these choices frees you up to own your day. When you own your day you feel good. When you feel good you attract abundance. Isn’t that what we all want? Peace of mind? So don’t slide into mid-July carrying anger and frustration back to where you sleep. You are worthy of the best summer of your life. These small choices will bring you peace, a sense of control and the satisfying productivity of business, not busy-ness.

Contributor: Erica Nasby

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