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Freeing Yourself from Financial Stress

Photo Credit: rawpixel.com

Photo Credit: rawpixel.com

“As soon as I make more money, then I can relax!” says your average North American, but there is no freedom connected to this statement. We think it and speak it unconsciously. It is the equivalent to a dog chasing its tail. ‘Wake up!’ I say – this statement is costing you more than you know. It’s stealing your time and leaving you with less. The solution? Know what you want, then quit worrying about how or when you will get it and stay present instead. I know, it’s easier said than done, but what a great challenge to take on now!

We live in a world where we are consumed by consuming and living beyond our means. What gets lost in the rat-race is the ability to be free in our minds. We worry about keeping up with the Joneses and we worry about how we are going to maintain the status quo, and we worry about…well, we worry about anything we can get our minds on. Today, I dare you to choose what it is you want and let it go! Let it go? What does that mean? It means you choose to have an experience, and then you literally do not think about it again. Or, if you are really positive, you day dream about it and see yourself experiencing it and do not spend one second worrying about how you are going to make it happen.

We have the free will to choose and we have the ability to manifest, end of story. The problem is that our faith around this is so weak that we spend a lot of time second-guessing ourselves and consequently it slows down the manifestation process. We see this working when we casually say we want something and we really have no worries around it, nor care about when or how we will get it. Boom! It appears, quickly and effortlessly. We get in our own way when we really want something and we stress about it, spending countless hours worrying about how we will make it happen – the manifestation here is slow and painful.

To accept that you are worthy of financial freedom, to accept that you can create wealth is a task in and of itself. We think we have to manually create it… not true! We have to be emotionally prepared to receive it. We all have emotional hang-ups around money dating back to when we were young. How did our parents think and feel about money? What was our experience with money? As we grew older, what was our relationship with money? All of this dictates how we will fair with money now. Unless we’re prepared to let these go.

The questions I want you to ask yourself are: What are my limiting beliefs about money? And, am I willing to let them go? In doing so you will let go of the needless pressure you are putting on yourself that is keeping you from living in abundance.

By the way…Whether it is money, or a relationship, or success your career – you name it – whatever it is we really want, our job is to be clear what it is we want and then practice trusting the process. In other words, trust that it will come, and spend your time being present and experiencing joy and you will find that you manifest your desires easily.

Contributor: Erica Nasby

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