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Environmental Wellness


With the cooler days approaching and darkness falling sooner, it’s a great time to soak up all the energy and really enjoy yourself outside. With so much going on in the world, we are fortunate to be able to connect with nature. How you interact with your surroundings is all a big part of environmental wellness.

Being environmentally conscious is not only good for you, it’s good for the planet. Treating nature and its species with respect is simple and can lead to a more balanced lifestyle. By being more conscious you also realize how your daily habits impact the world around you.

If you aren’t one with the great outdoors, that’s not a problem! Managing your environmental wellness also has to do with being comfortable wherever you are. Here are a few key tips from the National Institutes of Health to help get you started.

Home Means SO Much: With people spending more time indoors, it’s best to make sure it’s a healthy place to be. Remember that your house is a sanctuary! Considar this:

  • Cleaning with nontoxic or natural products
  • Keeping up regular housework (vacuum, wash floors, and launder bedding in hot water weekly)
  • Surrounding yourself with things that connect with you emotionally through design and collection

Stay Safe in Extreme Temperatures: Excessive heat or cold can pose many dangers, some even fatal. Take care and learn signs of distress to keep safe. Sometimes a little preparation goes a long way!

  • Use sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection or wear protective clothing in warmer weather
  • In colder weather wear layers and dress in appropriate clothing for your activities
  • Always stay hydrated, and drink lots of water during both hot and cold months

Only Use What You Need: Nobody likes to waste things, right? If you find that you regularly throw out food every week, or your electricity bill is higher than you think it should be, look into your daily habits to cut back where you can.

  • Be aware of the natural resources that you use and how often
  • Don’t leave water running (think: shower, toothbrushing, dishes)
  • Remove yourself from junk mail lists to lower paper waste

With only one planet it makes sense to treat it right. Taking notice of how you contribute to the environment around you gives you the ability to make your small part of the world an even better place to live!

By Maegan Carrasquillo, Staff Writer

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