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Embracing the New Year


ContemplatingThe holidays are over, and the resolutions and “One Words” have been thoughtfully chosen and announced… then the reality of January kicks in. Many of us struggle with the first few months of the year emotionally and financially. We start out positive and optimistic and then our old patterns sneak back into our day-to-day lives and before we know it we’re back on the original hamster wheel of neurotic thoughts that take us in the same old direction and make for a tough start to the New Year. The scripts that play in our heads include, “How will I make as much money as I did last year?” or  “I over indulged during the holidays; I desperately need to catch up,” or “January and February are tough months, I have to survive this”. These and many other versions of the same scarcity thoughts bombard us and take over, all of which create a lack of abundance coming into our lives.

How do we avoid a drought while we have overhead and responsibilities in the New Year? How can we make January and February as successful as any other months? It is simple, seriously simple.

Choose to focus on what was wonderful over the holidays, and if the holidays were challenging, review the highlights of the year that focus on your wins. For example: How many of us over the holidays had the luxury of taking a few days to socialize or focus on family? Laze about all day in our comfy cozies? Spend time in the moment with no worries or concerns, just being with family? How many of us were able to present others with gifts and thoughtful gestures that left them feeling loved and recognized? Let’s honor and appreciate those opportunities in our thoughts. Either begin your day or close out your day by ruminating on these memories. For those of us who are ‘triggered’ by the holidays, focus on, “What incredible moments did I experience in the past 12 months?” and “Who are the incredible people in my life?” Whether you focus on December being a blessing or instead have gratitude for the entire year, you are taking responsibility for your thoughts and creating a different pattern for the early months of 2017. You will attract abundance immediately.

If you want to turn around your business now, focus a couple hours every day this week on some sort of follow-up. Write personal notes to people you met or with whom you spent time over the holiday break and thank them for the opportunity. Take an hour and call old leads and check in, or start organizing the database that sits incomplete and frustrates you. The power behind these actions is unbelievable – you will feel fantastic and as a result you will create business.

The bottom line is that when you feel accomplished you attract accomplishment. We mostly have this backwards – many people believe that an outside source will leave us feeling accomplished or good about ourselves and at the start of the year when money can be tight, we cannot wait for an outside source to make us feel complete. Instead, consciously choose to reflect on loving thoughts or create your own sense of accomplishment inside and watch the abundance flow!

Contributor: Erica Nasby

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