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Awaken Your Big Magic


I’ve long since held the belief that inside each and every one of us is a true creative. Most guffaw at this notion, but I’ve come to realize that’s because we have a preconceived idea of what constitutes an artist based on archetypes of old.

Perhaps you’re mechanically inclined, drawn to organization and decor, or enjoy grooming nature into beautiful landscapes. There’s a reason why we use the expression, “the art of” in relation to so many abilities, and now is a good time to follow those creative vibes.

This spark is what best-selling Author, Elizabeth Gilbert refers to as Big Magic in her aptly titled 2015 novel about creative living beyond fear. This intriguing read will make you realize that “to even call somebody ‘a creative person’ is almost laughably redundant.” She explains this spark as a hallmark of our species and debunks the elitist mentality associated with art, reminding us that we all evolved from wonderful creators who existed millennia ago; a time when creating was part of our survival and that we’ve forgotten these connections as we’ve grown into consumers.

Gilbert challenges the perception of artists as those who’ve arrived in their creativity noting that would suggest creativity exists only to reach some goal or some end, when it’s really an ever-changing spark that drives us forward to try new things. She regales readers with some of the most extraordinary creative experiences and processes you may ever hear as she brilliantly explores “the idea” as an entity all of its own; a life force constantly seeking us out for realization through partnership, which we either opt out of or into as collaborators.

In this inspiring book, you’re empowered to use your voice, to chase your visions, to believe in your creativity, to open your mind, and to truly live your creative truth because it’s not something one can hold back. She sheds much needed light on the darkest parts of creativity such as perfectionism, criticism, or the notion that one must suffer the process, or “starve” in order to be considered a respected artist. She even shares some of her most personal fears that she faces as she travels her own creative journey as an author.

You will forever see the world in a creative new light after reading this book, and dare I say, you may even start to see beyond yourself and have the courage to collaborate on and make manifest the ideas you find along your way.

By Melanie Robitaille, Staff Writer

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