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Accepting Where You Are


Unsplash.com - FieldOften times we are indifferent to where we are in life and unfortunately, this very idea is keeping us stuck where we are. No matter our attempts to grow or move forward, if we are resisting where we are financially, emotionally, or relationship-wise, we are energetically remaining trapped.

In order to break this pattern, we must make it our responsibility to practice gratitude for where we currently are. This can be a tall order when we feel resentful about what we are currently experiencing  or when we feel anxious about getting to where we want to be.

If you are in a position of poor health, express gratitude for the little things you take for granted that your body is capable of doing. When was the last time you loved your body for telling you need water, or carrying you through a space, or for allowing you to see? All of these are appropriate functions for which to express huge gratitude. You may have a serious diagnosis and want perfect health, and having the consciousness to see past the situation and applying love to areas that are functioning perfectly assists you in your healing.

Having just enough money to pay the bills may leave you frustrated and feeling inadequate, or may leave your head spinning as you ponder the “why am I here again” mentality. Truth be told – prosperity rises out of the gratitude that you were able to make that payment, or that you are able to put a roof over your head and food in your belly this month. Gratitude is simple but extremely powerful. When was the last time you told your money that you respect that it always shows up for you, even if at the last moment? It will show up faster, guaranteed, if you have more gratitude for the little conveniences it offers you!

Perhaps business is slow and you have been focused on what everyone else in the office has been doing, or you are stuck wondering if your career choice will ever pan out for you, or how  those other people do it. All of these thoughts are a big waste of time and counterproductive when it comes to building a successful business. Instead, the remedy lies in having gratitude towards the support you are getting, or the intelligence it took to get this far, or the people who have walked before you and created something out of nothing. Whatever you do focus on what is working.

By the way, nothing is too small to focus on graciously, meaning that the universe sees everything as equal. You could land a big deal closing, or you could have landed a rock star parking spot – the joy is the same. Joy is joy and pain is pain. We think there are leveling degrees – not true – if you feel good the universe wants to go get you more of that. If you feel bad, you know it – the universe wants to find you more of that. It is hard to pretend to be positive when the world is crashing down on us, it is easy to have gratitude for the small realities we take for granted! So, let’s find the little experiences that bring joy and focus on them to build into a brighter experience with this technique of gratitude. And it’s free!

Contributor: Erica Nasby

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