Wellness — January 12, 2016 at 11:30 am

40 Points to Unlimited Wellness


Mountain Man1. Assume that people have good intentions.
2. Avoid using negative words.
3. Avoid spending time with stressed-out or negative people.
4. Begin each day with expectation.
5. Breathe more deeply.
6. Celebrate more frequently.
7. Daydream.
8. Decide that you WILL achieve your goals.
9. Define “failure” as “failing to take action.”
10. Deflect partisan conversations.
11. Avoid wasting energy on hate.
12. Don’t take calls from strangers.
13. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
14. Accept that you don’t have to win every argument.
15. Avoid succumbing to malice or gossip.
16. Don’t worry about what others think of you.
17. Drink more water.
18. Eat a big breakfast.
19. End each day with gratitude.
20. Know and keep your personal limits.
21. Listen to something inspiring.
22. Make peace with your past.
23. Make your goals pervasive.
24. Monitor your progress.
25. Never argue with strangers.
26. Realize that YOU are responsible for your emotions.
27. Remember that everything will change.
28. Remember that rejection is an illusion.
29. Set achievable yet inspirational goals.
30. Set measurable milestones.
31. Smile and laugh more often.
32. Stop comparing yourself to others.
33. Stop complaining about not having enough time.
34. Take action immediately after setting a goal.
35. Take the stairs.
36. Make time to plan and prioritize.
37. Think of rejection as stepping stones.
38. Treat setbacks as success signals.
39. Use more positive words.
40. Write your goals down on paper, everyday.

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