Lifestyle — April 16, 2020 at 11:20 am

A Cat’s Tips for Staying Home


By Melanie Robitaille, Sr. Staff Writer and Graphic Designer

So, it’s day whatever now, and you’re finally starting to understand why we (your pets) do some of the crazy, inexplicable things we do when we’re left at home alone all day, day after day.

Some say that would make us experts in this particular situation, heck some say we’re all going to come back as cats too, but if there was ever a time for you humans to take some visual cues from us on succeeding at doing nothing indoors it’s definitely now.

Okay so that’s not to say we all hit the cat nip now, but honestly think about it, most of us are pretty chill unlike our two-legged counterparts. You guys are so busy doing this living and working thing, that you could actually learn a few things from our blissful existence. Because let’s face it, we pick up on behaviors and if you keep stressing we’re going to end up with anxiety hair loss or a nervous tick too.

Claiming comfort zones – Every animal has them, and chances are, they’re probably places where you typically find comfort too. Okay well maybe except for the bathtub. Reserve these places for face time with us or other humans in the house I suppose, not your phone or laptop. Napping is also good in these places, watching a movie or staring at those books for hours (and you say we’re weird).

There’s Always Time to Play – Of course this is easier for those with us four leggeds or those other noisy tiny humans, but there’s always something fun to do around the house. If chasing magical red dots or toys isn’t your thing, maybe you could clean out your closet to make room for a good hiding spot or make something with those balls of string that we like.

Stretch & Exercise – Why you humans are always sitting around when there’s all sorts of room to run, jump or stretch makes absolutely no sense. We know you can, we see you when that song comes on, so grab that mat that feels so good to knead my claws in and let’s go. Yes, that means we’ll be joining you, and don’t worry, if you lay down we will repeatedly check to make sure you’re still breathing.

Be an Observer – Instead of watching that thing on your wall all day, find a good window, balcony or porch spot. Grabbing some fresh air, listening to all the birds and binge watching all the nature that’s scurrying around, especially this time of year, always gets us going.

Find a Sunny Spot – Nothing beats the warm fuzzies that come from finding that sweet, sunlit spot to lay in. So, open those curtains or blinds (or we’ll find our way around them) and let the light in. Stand in it, lay in it, we’ll never tell. Let it shine on you so long, you can feel the warmth. Oh, and um, find your own spot.

Portion control – Okay let’s face it, if there’s one thing we do have in common it’s our love of food, except yours always looks so much better. Just remember when you put us on that diet because we were getting a little “poofy” and had a hard time reaching that one spot when grooming. Don’t think it can’t happen to you.

Grooming – And speaking of grooming, you have all the time you need to spend on making yourself look and feel fantastic these days, so take it. No judgements here, just be careful of over doing it. Hairballs are the worst.

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